David Landsberg

Dr. David Landsberg

Clinical Professor

Dr. Landsberg is the Medical Director of Renal Transplantation, and Physician Leader and Division Head for SPH Renal Program. He was the founder of the SPH Renal Transplant program, and has been instrumental in its growth and development.

He is clinically active in pre-transplant, post-transplant and in-hospital transplant care, as well as participating in the coordination of clinical trials in transplantation. He is the Physician Lead for the Renal Transplant Program provincially for BC Transplant and has spearheaded the living donor program at SPH.

In addition to transplant focus, Dr Landsberg is actively involved in teaching clinical nephrology with a specific interest in fluid and electrolytes.

Dr.Landsberg received his undergraduate and nephrology training at University of Toronto, and has been on staff at UBC since 1984.

Dr Landsberg is an avid skier, and enthusiastic husband and father.


Research articles in PubMed.

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