Chi Zhang

Dr. Chi Zhang

Clinical Assistant Professor

Dr Zhang is Chief of the Renal Division and Chair of the Department of Medicine at Kootenay Boundary Regional Hospital. In addition, he serves as Director of CKD clinic at KBRH and as a Member of LMAC, RMAC and Provincial Renal MAC.

Research: early publication— renal Physiology urea transporter regulation, urinary concentration mechanism, AJP 2002, 2000.

His current research interests include Telerenal service, started 2007; Ultrasound Venous Mapping, started 2002-2004; Clinical dialysis, assessment of dry weight using Ultrasound to measure Lung Water content and IHA Quality improvement project (Poster 2020).

Dr Zhang completed his Renal Fellowship/ Residency of Internal Medicine at Emory University Hospital, 2001; Internship at St. Luke Hospital / Casewestern Reserve University, 1996; University training at Bowman Gray School of Medicine, Wake Forest University, 1996; Fudan University, 1992.

Dr Zhang’s other interests include music, piano, fishing, and swimming.

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