The new Research Agenda and Public Health interface: a framework for improving care

The current edition of Nephrology Dialysis and Transplantation celebrates the breadth and depth of knowledge, research and understanding of CKD as of 2012 around the world. Nephrology as a specialty has seen much change over the years: from a specialty of physiology and glomerular diseases, predominantly, to one that was able to offer dialysis and transplantation as life-saving therapies to people and ultimately to one that embraces all of these and the burden of chronic disease and its attendant comorbidities as well. The complexity of the human condition is embodied in the study of nephrology, and the challenges facing people around the world are similar and different in the context of CKD. Underdiagnosis leads to poor outcomes, diagnosis stresses primary care and specialty resources, and the care of those requiring renal replacement therapy stresses health-care resources. The condition itself takes a huge toll on the patients and their families, living with uncertainty, depression and various symptoms of kidney disease or its associated comorbidities. As a public health problem, it is clear that chronic kidney disease is increasingly recognized as a major burden in all societies. Full text article… | PDF version