The BC Glomerulonephritis Network: Improving Access and Reducing the Cost of Immunosuppressive Treatments for Glomerular Diseases

Glomerulonephritis (GN) is a leading cause of ESRD in Canada that has increasing medication costs due to expensive, novel therapies and has been understudied with respect to health delivery and policy in the past. The BC GN Network was developed in 2013 to capture data on all GN patients in BC and use this data to coordinate GN health delivery and policy; the BC GN formulary is one such policy that centralizes funding, approval and distribution of immunosuppressive medications to provide patients and physicians with access to evidence based immunosuppression for GN that is also cost effective. This report, published in the Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease, is an evaluation of the BC GN drug formulary; Dr Sean Barbour and colleagues outline how transitioning to a provincial GN formulary has resulted in attenuation of cost increases of immunosuppressive medications and improved patient access to evidence based immunosuppression.

Canadian Journal of Kidney Health and Disease, 2018 (PDF)