Fellowship Program

The Division has an active and diverse set of fellowship programs.

There is a one-year Transplant Nephrology Clinical Fellowship which is accredited by the AST/ASN under the direction of Dr Olwyn Johnston. In addition, there is a transplant research program supervised by Dr John Gill.

There is an Advanced Nephrology Training Program, open to individuals who have completed core nephrology training in an accredited program, and who seek additional exposure to academic and tertiary care skill acquisition.  This program is accredited by the Australian and New Zealand Royal College organizations, and thus has been highly subscribed to by individuals from those countries. The Directors for this program are Dr Jacek Jastrzebski and Dr Adeera Levin.

There is a Home Therapies program under the direction of Dr Michael Copland and Dr Suneet Singh, as the Provincial Leads for Home Hemo and PD respectively. This one-year program offers exposure to clinical, administrative and evaluation experiences within the Division of Nephrology and BCPRA provincial network.

Glomerulonephritis (GN) Fellowship: this fellowship aims to develop clinical expertise and scholarly activity for those interested in GN. Under the direction of Dr Sean Barbour the fellowship offers exposure to a large number of GN cases, both at diagnostic and follow up stages, renal pathology expertise and participation in scholarly activities.

The clinical training may be combined with formal graduate course work leading to Masters or Doctoral degrees in Experimental Medicine, Health Care and Epidemiology or related disciplines through the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Additional research and scholarship opportunities are available for clinical training in Dialysis, CKD, and research training within any of those specific disciplines. Through collaboration with the BC Provincial Renal Agency, extended fellowships in Health Administration, Research and Population health are offered.

The two-year Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship  program is coordinated through the BC Kidney Research Unit (BCKRU), which is a joint collaboration between the university divisions of nephrology and renal pathology, BC Renal (www.bcrenalagency.ca), and the local health authorities (including Providence Health Care).  As such, the BCKRU supports the research and teaching activities of the BC Renal Core Committees, the UBC Division of Nephrology and its faculty members, and the renal programs within the local health authorities.


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