Dr. R. Jean Shapiro obtained her medical degree and completed her residency in nephrology at McGill University. Following post-doctoral fellowship training at UCLA, and subsequently at UCSD, she moved to the University of British Columbia. Her initial research focus was related to lipoprotein metabolism in an experimental model of chronic renal failure. For more than 15 years, her primary interest has been in clinical transplantation, with a focus on clinical outcome research. These studies have included pharmacokinetics of immunosuppressive drugs, osteoporosis in transplant recipients, assessment of cardiovascular risk, and changes in cognitive function after transplantation. She is currently Clinical Professor of Medicine, Medical Director of Renal Transplantation, and Medical Manager Solid Organ Transplantation at Vancouver General Hospital. Dr. Shapiro has been a recipient of research grants from the Kidney Foundation of Canada, Canadian Heart and Stroke Foundation, and B.C. Health Care Research Foundation/Michael Smith Foundation.


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