The Division has a strong and internationally-recognized translational research program in both renal disease and transplantation. Members of the Division were successfully awarded and held over $4 million in research support in 2011, including grants from Genome Canada, Networks of Centres of Excellence, the CIHR, the MSFHR and other peer-review agencies, as well as unrestricted industry supported grants, and conventional industry supported trials.

Members of the Division generated more than 30 scientific articles in 2011, notably some in high to very high impact journals.
The UBC Division of Nephrology research program is working to: (a) optimize the ongoing academic activities of current members by fostering effective collaboration, (b) ensure effective mentoring for new recruits to maximize their opportunities for academic success and (c) provide formal graduate and post-graduate scientific training for residents and fellows in Medicine, Nephrology and other disciplines, and for students from the Experimental Medicine and Clinical Investigator programs.

The UBC Division of Nephrology Research programs integrate members from the VGH and SPH / Providence Health sites as well as our associate sites around the province, to ensure full participation and collaboration. The program is funded from multiple sources including peer review agencies, private research contributions, corporate partnerships and the creation of a strong industrial-academic interface.  The Division’s clinical research activities also include collaborations with research staff at the BC Provincial Renal agency and the iCapture Centre at St. Paul’s Hospital.

There are research infrastructure resources committed to divisional research endeavours supported by unique contributions from the BC Provincial Renal Agency and grants from the traditional sources ( industry and peer review grants).  The Research unit includes a Research Manager, Ms. Katy Vela; a number of highly-qualified Research Coordinators and a statistical support team.

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